Each month, our Baristas test and design seasonal specialty beverages and entrees for you to try!

March Specials
    12oz   16 oz 20 oz

Irishman Latte
Perfectly blended espresso (with and extra shot!) vanilla, caramel, and frothed milk. 

4.15 4.75 5.15

Macaroon Mocha
Your favorite mocha with a touch of coconut

3.95 4.55 4.95

Matcha Latte
Matcha green tea deliciously blended with Lapp Valley whole milk

3.95 4.55 4.95
Iced Coconut Green Tea Latte
Steeped tropical green tea over ice with coconut syrup and smooth coconut milk.
  4.85 5.25
Irish Cream
Cold Brew
**New Special**
Cold brewed coffee with sweet Irish cream syrup and a touch of heavy cream. 
4.55 4.85
Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, provolone cheese, romaine and hot sauce served on a honey wheat wrap grilled to perfection.

**Served with a side of ranch