Coffee Trucks for Weddings & Events: We’ll Bring the Energy!

We are excited to join the food truck community in Lancaster County and surrounding areas! We at New Holland Coffee Co. feel passionately about our community and excited to provide a coffee truck service that is both fun and affordable for any celebration! Choose from a variety of espresso bar, coffee, and food packages with customizable options to add all the flavors you want. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate, church, or school event, provide a little extra pep while enjoying the high-quality beverages provided by our friendly coffee truck baristas.

We are located in New Holland, Pennsylvania and only travel 50 miles outside of our New Holland Location!

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Food Truck Catering Services

At New Holland Coffee Co., we will help you capture the flavors that will pair perfectly with your event! We offer both onsite catering with and without our iconic food truck with a variety of menu options.

What are some of the pros for choosing food truck catering? We’re glad you asked! New Holland Coffee Co. will provide a unique dining experience that everyone in attendance will be sure to enjoy. With our expedited service system and experience, your guests will enjoy your customized menu with minimal waiting. Most importantly, we’re mobile! From open fields to private residences, we’ve provided our coffee truck for weddings and events of all kinds. If the venue you chose does not have a traditional kitchen, our food truck catering services are a premier option.

Coffee Truck Rental

Want to keep the party going? A coffee truck rental will be perfect for your next event! New Holland Coffee Co. offers high-quality espresso bars and coffee packages for an enjoyable energy burst when your guests will need it most. Choose from a variety of coffees, teas, flavored syrups as well as specialty drinks like cappuccinos, mocha lattés, and much more. Contact us today to start planning your menu!

Schedule Our Coffee Truck for Your Wedding & Event!

Bring the energy with a coffee truck for your next wedding or event! Our friendly team of experienced baristas will not only provide a delicious treat for your guests but will add to the overall atmosphere of your event. We’ll work with you to create the perfect menu for all to enjoy. A coffee truck for weddings and events is a unique experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

Contact us today to learn about our coffee truck rental services and schedule us for your next wedding or event!